Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wedding Outfit for Petite Brides?

I'm a petite girl. Plus my body porpotion pun a bit different - I have a short torso but long legs. But I'm not tall. It's a bit difficult for me to get a ready-made baju. Kalau baju raya pun, semua tempah sebab kalau beli mesti tak fit, labuh la, bahu jatuh la, huhu. Kalau baju tu fitted kat pinggang, kalau saya pakai, mesti jatuh kat pinggul. Kalau babydoll punya cutting, I'd look preggy, hahaha. Kalau empire waist, it'll end up between my waist and under my chest. And, oh, kalau pakai baju yang ade span besar kat bahu, I nampak macam pemain rugby, LOL. Don't get me wrong, I love my body and I feel blessed and syukur, it's just that commercial products don't always cater to my body.

That's why I'm a little bit worried when it comes to my wedding outfit.For nikah, I'm going to tailor it, so no problem, Insya Allah. Adakah butik yang boleh provide baju saiz kecik? And I love simplicity, I'm not keen to wear baju yang sarat dengan labuci. Yes, I'm fussy. Tambah lagi, my kanda also is a particular person, dan rendang jugak macam dindanya :D. Strictly no shiny materials and material tu kena keras, tak boleh kain yang "jatuh". So, add our fussiness to the limited availability of wedding outfits for petite frames, I have to expect that I'm going to endure a bit of frustration masa nak cari baju nanti :S

I did a bit of research on what would be the best silhouette for petite brides. So, from my research, a petite bride should opt for these type of cutting:

Sheat ni potongan dia straight je. Juga dikenali sebagai "column" silhouette. Flattering on small but lean body types.
Unaisah Azlan

I believe Malaysians are familiar with this silhouette. Kain dia akan fitted di pinggang dan kembang di bawah, macam huruf A.
Unaisah Azlan

Potongan duyung ni memang sesuai untuk brides yang petite tapi ada curves. Ianya fitted dari pinggang sampai ke tengah peha dan kembang di bawah. Boleh nampak tinggi kalau pakai cutting ni.
Mimi Bridal

Additional Tips
Kalau boleh, opt for natural waistline, iaitu potongan pinggangnya berada di bahagian paling kecik kat area perut tu, betul-betul kat pinggang. Waistline kat pinggul atau empire waist selalunya tak sesuai, but there are ways around it. Stay away from full ball gown baju sebab kita yang kecik-kecik ni akan nampak overwhelmed dengan fabrik yang kita pakai, macam ditelan baju sendiri. Finally, understand your body. I've learned this through experience. Choose what you love and feels right and you'll be okay, Insya Allah :D

My preference? I think this entry is long enough, I should write about it in another entry ;p


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