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Designers' Take on Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress

As-Salam dan hai hai!!!

Brace yourself, this is going to be image-obese.

I'm so excited about this entry. Rilla suka tengok design wedding dress untuk royalties sebab selalunya weddings dress yang royalties pakai modest je, tak seksi. Most probably because they are royal, so, I'd think that it's quite inappropriate for the to show too much skin and most of the time, and the ceremony is conducted inside a church/cathedral, so kena pakai sopan-sopan. Ok, cakap banyak pun tak guna, bai (LOL). Jom ke sketchesnya.

Alberta Ferreti
“...In Kate I see the natural, radiant and self-confident attitude of today’s girls. For this, I can’t help but think of an embroidered, fluid-silhouette dress in precious fabrics that will help her make an everlasting impression.”
— Alberta Ferretti

Badgley Mischka
"We see Kate going completely classic. We love this off-the-shoulder silhouette for her. Her beauty and grace will make any gown look magnificent.”
— Mark Badgley and James Mischka, Badgley Mischka

Karl Lagerfeld suggests a Chanel take on “the Victorian wedding dress, with a twist — high boots and open in the front.”

Chris Benz

“I think she represents a new freshness to the monarchy, and it is up to her how modern she wants to shape her role. I think taking risks with a confident, colorful spirit is where it’s at with the royals.”
— Chris Benz

Christian Lacroix
“Something old: Victorian skirt. Something new: patchwork gown. Something borrowed: Queen Elizabeth’s veil. Something red: Elizabethan top, as red was the wedding color until 1900!”
— Christian Lacroix

“I wanted Kate to look regal, but romantic, so I used chiffon and lace to evoke tradition, but gave her a romantic off-the-shoulder detail.”
— Doo-Ri Chung, Doo.Ri

Elizabeth Emanuel
“It’s entirely different from the Diana dress I designed, which was very much of the Eighties, but it’s still fitting for a royal occasion. It’s a much more modern dress, but romantic and out of the ordinary.”
— Elizabeth Emanuel

“I admire the balance Kate Middleton strikes between elegant and contemporary with her unmistakable style. For her, I had in mind clean lines, soft shapes and classic touches such as the boat neckline and distinctive train.”
— Frida Giannini, Gucci

J Crew
“I think that there will be so many comparisons to the late Princess Diana that her dress should almost be the opposite of what Diana’s was — modern, simple and very elegant.”
— Tom Mora, vice president of wedding and special occasion, J. Crew

J Mendel

“On the royal wedding day, I envision Kate Middleton in a fresh, modern silhouette emphasizing her elegance and beauty in a youthful way.”
— Gilles Mendel, J.Mendel

Jason Wu

“I love the idea of mixing traditional opulence with a very clean aesthetic for this modern-day princess.”
— Jason Wu

Lela Rose
Align Center“Kate tends to wear a very elegant and clean silhouette, so I think the lines of this dress would suit her style. The understated tiers play up her youthful and romantic appeal.”
— Lela Rose

Lyn Devon
“Sporty separates in handmade lace and silk taffeta for Kate: a lace T-shirt worn over a drop-waist taffeta ball skirt made of endless meters.”
— Lyn Devon

Monique Lhuillier“The royal wedding will be magical. Kate’s dress should be a modern mix of the traditional and contemporary.”
— Monique Lhuillier

Nanette Blepore
“A patchwork lace dress reminds us all that a true princess can mend and make do!”
— Nanette Lepore

Nicole Miller
“I think no poof and froufrou. Elegant with a modern twist. A little sexy, but also modest.”
— Nicole Miller

Nina Ricci
“Light as a feather, layers of lace and organza…a dress fit for a princess.”
— Peter Copping, Nina Ricci

Prabal Gurung
“The look is regal with respect for the heritage of the royal family but represents what modern Europe is all about.”
— Prabal Gurung

Rachel Roy
“For Kate I love to showcase the British tradition with a wonderfully beautiful, yet modern hat worn under a full-length veil with a deconstructed cascade train balancing the formality.”
— Rachel Roy

Ralph Rucci
"White tulle veil to floor…satin bodice and cardinal hat…huge silk tulle gown with pinches, like ostrich pores…all embroidery in freshwater pearls — no glitter.”
— Ralph Rucci, Chado Ralph Rucci

Rebecca Taylor
“The A-line silhouette of this dress is elegant and sophisticated, similar to Kate’s style, but the floral appliqués and corset top add a youthful feel. Fit for young royalty.”
— Rebecca Taylor

Reem Arca
“Kate is a young beauty about to become a royal. She is very confident and knows her style. This gown has a long train, veil and a touch of embroidery, which adds drama, but the A-line silhouette is simple. It’s regal and sophisticated.”
— Reem Acra

Tommy Hillfiger
“Kate has a sophisticated yet playful and modern look, so for her wedding she’d be a vision in a mix of traditional, whimsy and classically beautiful.”
— Tommy Hilfiger

Tory Burch
“Kate would look beautiful in a simple, elegant silhouette — a delicate ivory lace bodice and tulle skirt with a blush lace train.”
— Tory Burch

“We designed a ‘blossoming’ dress because we imagined her as a new Botticellian Venus.”
— Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli, Valentino

Vera Wang
“...The tradition of intricate hand-pieced lacework in the high-necked bodice with elbow-length sleeves, together with the voluminous skirt of a mixture of stiff and soft silk tulle, feels regal, yet poetic.”
— Vera Wang

Yigal Azrouël
“Stately and sophisticated, but also a modern-day wedding gown for a young princess. Its elongated silhouette combined with the lace and draping of the skirt is glamorous and elegant, while the neckline and bodice remain modern.”
— Yigal Azrouël

My absolute favourite would be Valentino. I secretly want that dress for myself [verangan je ko Rilla]. I love the whole look. Rambut yang dilepaskan, tak payah sanggul sebab Kate selalunya tak sanggul kan? Romantik sangat Valentino punya design. My second pick would be Rachel Roy, sebab veil dia ada topi. Kate kan suka pakai topi. Lela Rose punya design pun best, nampak macam princess, sesuai la ngan Kate. Beriya je suggest, macamla Kate nak dengar cakap ko, Rilla. But most probably she'll choose a British designer kot, lebih patriotik.

Actually, Rilla post ni bukan nak suggest kat Kate untuk pilih yang mana. But it's for you my darling B2Bs. Sape-sape yang still dok pikir nak buat design baju, boleh la wat ilham, mana tau kan? Banyak design-design ni yang boleh diMelayukan.

Alberta Ferreti: Sleeve dia boleh dipanjangkan sikit, jadi 3/4sleeve atau long sleeve terus.

Gucci: Dah tak payah buat ape-ape. Gaun ni sesuai dengan bride yang suka baju yang simple tapi cantik.

Lyn Devon: Ni pun boleh panjangkan sleeve dia. Unik tau dress ni sebab top dia tu sebenarnya lace t-shirt.

Rachel Roy: Dress ni sangatla sophisticated. Cik Rilla sangat suka. Kalau nak Melayukan dress ni boleh letak satu layer kain kat top dia, nak cover plunging neckline tu.

Reem Arca: Ni pun tak payah ubah ape-ape. Atau mungkin naikkan skit bahu tu kalau tak suka boat neck.

Tory Burch: Oh, dress ni pun sangat cantik. Just belakang tu, the top part kena naikkan, unless kalau nak sexy back.

Valentino: Yang ni pun ok. Tapi kalau takmo sleeve see-through, taruk je lining.

Vera Wang: Ni pun dah ok, tak payah tukar design.

You all suka yang mana?

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  1. waaaa... rambang mate tgk gambar2 nih! huhu... well, my personal pick will be Alberta Ferreti & Valentino.. sgt gojes :D

  2. Kan? haha. Ferreti punya design pun gojess jugak, tapi Valentino tetap menjadi pujaanku *.*

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  4. wahh..... sangat rajin okeyh google pasal baju2 nie. btw, amy suka yg simple2 like badgley mischka. mmg dah termimpi2 nak yg mcm tuh tapi tak tau lah berjaya ke tak dpt nya. LOL...